“Thanks for everything you and your team have done for Mum, in particular Maria who has been wonderful.”

“I wish to express my great satisfaction with the highly competent and fully dedicated nursing service you provided for me. I would like to commend in particular Mercedes who was exceptionally aware of my needs and gave me a lot of the reassurance I badly needed in my condition. Should ever an occasion arise, I shall warmly recommend your organisation .”

“I was very impressed with the care Belgravia provided for my husband for 10 days while his main carer was on holiday. I have suggested to him that he uses your services at the weekends in future.”

“I want to write and tell you how thrilled and delighted we were with the care given by Janet to my cousin. Janet was always kind and hugely considerate. She never let my cousin down, was always on time with her visits and was completely trustworthy.
Thank you very much for all the help given by your organisation over the last few years.”

“I am incredibly happy with the level of care I receive, and in particular the relationship I have formed with Jenny. Jenny is always cheerful and lightens the mood whenever she is here.”

“I would like to say thank you to all the staff that cared for my mother. Words cannot express my appreciation to you all.
You made her very comfortable and you coped with her illness so well. You handled everything tenderly and went out of your way to ensure that she was happy.
Thank you.”

“Thank you for all the wonderful care you have given to my mother over the past few years. Your staff have always been professional and extremely caring.”

“I would like to thank my staff member Francesca who has done more than just clean my house; she always checked I was eating the right food and gave me motivation. Francesca is professional, caring and always does more than is expected of her.”

“Really happy with the care you are providing to my mother. All the office staff are excellent with their communication.”

“Thanks so much for organising all the help Cristina gave me, she was really fabulous and I would highly recommend her.”

“Please pass on our thanks and appreciation for all that Jemima did, she has been a ray of sunshine for my mother for the last two months so very much appreciated.”

“It’s the best level of care I have seen”
Health Professional

“I saw when I was there that she is incredibly well cared for. For a complex case such as this to be managed in the community is extraordinary, most people would end up in a room in a nursing home and wouldn’t get that level of care and interaction”
Dr C

“R has been wonderful and we’ve been so happy to be able to rely on his experience and expertise. He’s really been vital for trying to coordinate all the different information from so many different sources, and he was a god-send when we took Stanley to A&E since he understands how the system works and was able to ask all the right questions and give sensible information to the staff. Without him we would have been lost.”