Our international care service ensures that you’re supported at home or away. It’s designed to make sure you’re able to keep enjoying life, and maintain your independence.

So if that that means holidays or trips abroad, you can be safe in the knowledge that your care and health needs are fully met, without interrupting the routine in your life.

We provide both full and part time staff as part of this service. If you have a regular staff member supporting you we always try to ensure continuity of care by providing the same staff member on international visits.

Staff will travel with you to international destinations, ensuring that your health and medication needs are fulfilled and that any additional in-flight needs are met.

Supporting you when visiting from abroad

If you are visiting the UK, we can offer reliable and caring support while you are here, ensuring that your stay is comfortable.

We liaise with the medical services in the country you are travelling from and ensure that any medical information regarding your individual care needs is maintained within your assessment documentation.

Should you become ill when visiting the UK, we can provide care for you until you are well enough to return home. Our staff are available to fly with you to ensure your medical needs are attended to during the flight.

We have staff available that speak various languages including, but not limited to: Russian, Spanish, German, French, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian and Bulgarian.

What makes us diferent

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