What does the initial consultation involve?

Everyone who becomes a Belgravia client must first have an initial consultation visit.  This will usually take place in the home but could also take place in a hospital, care or nursing home or hotel. You may also wish to have family members, representatives or health professionals with you, we will coordinate the meeting to make sure that everyone is able to attend. 

At the initial consultation we will talk about your needs, lifestyle, preferences and the aspects of daily living that you need support with.  We want to understand the details that are really important to you so that we can incorporate this into how our support will be provided.

The information is used to plan your services so that they are specifically tailored to you.  We match staff to you taking into account your choices and care needs as well as personality, interests and activities. Each staff member then receives bespoke training designed around your needs.

Examples of how we do this include designing an individual menu tailored to your tastes, dietary and nutritional requirements. Belgravia staff are trained to plan, prepare, present and serve the menu.

Other examples include working with physiotherapists or speech therapists to train your staff to support you with rehabilitation exercises.

We work with a trusted selection of specialists and professionals who enable us to train our staff in any specialist areas required.

Please get in touch to arrange your initial consultation visit.

Do you provide live-in staff?

Yes. Part of our individually tailored service means we can offer as little or as much help as you require. You can choose your own visiting times and duration – from one hour to 24 hours. Take a look at our many ways of caring in Our Menu of Services.

Are you able to deal with more complex needs?

Yes. We employ staff with a range of experience in supporting people with complex health conditions. The initial consultation helps us to understand any complex needs and how we would best support a person with such needs.  We match staff with the appropriate skills and experience and in many cases we also provide staff with additional training specific to the individual. Belgravia works closely with a number of specialist professionals, not just limited to health care, including psychologists, nurses, speech and language therapists, nutritionists and chefs who are able to provide Belgravia staff with specialist advice and training.

Where does Belgravia provide services?

We are able to provide services throughout the UK.  In some cases we may recruit staff specifically in the area in which the support is needed.  This would be dependent on location and the level of care required.  Please get in touch and find out how we could support you  in your area.

Can I use Belgravia if I live abroad?

If you are visiting the UK for travel or vacation, we will happily provide short-term care. Furthermore, we are able to provide care for friends, family members or other individuals who are visiting the UK. Read more about our International Care services and see how we can support you when visiting the UK. If you live outside of the UK and would like services from Belgravia to be provided in your country of residence please contact us to discuss your needs further. Please get in touch.

Can my staff member travel with me?

Yes. As part of our International Care service we can ensure that your care and health needs are fully met while travelling abroad. Our staff can travel with you to international destinations, ensuring that your health and medication needs are fulfilled and that any additional in-flight needs are met.

Here to help

We know that the prospect of having staff visit you or a relative at home can be daunting. To put your mind at ease we are always happy to chat with you about any concerns you may have, as well as explaining more about what Belgravia can offer.

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